At the Baltica Wellness & Spa centre in Szczecin, we offer a wide range of treatments performed by qualified specialists. Massage is one of the oldest body treatments that have been used since antiquity. Currently, it is considered a physiotherapeutic treatment, recommended especially in the case of various ailments affecting both the body and psyche. It is the most pleasant way to relax your muscles and soothe your nerves, but also to improve your body. Massage is a very universal therapy for the body, which brings benefits on various levels. A properly selected treatment can have a beneficial effect on the skin tissue, the locomotor system, the circulatory system and the lymphatic system. It’s a great way to get rid of the negative effects of stress and fatigue, alleviate or eliminate pain, improve the functionality of muscles and tendons, nourish the tissue and activate blood and lymph flow. The available offer includes massages based on classic techniques, as well as other popular types, such as hot stone massage, Chinese cupping massage, massages with honey, cocoa butter or natural oils selected depending on the purpose of the treatment.

Massage is an ideal treatment for overworked people, who have little time to regenerate, are actively practising sports. If you want to get rid of certain ailments, bring out the beauty of your body or just relax and unwind, the Baltica Wellness & Spa centre in Szczecin will be the best choice!

Slimming massages are especially recommended in the slimming process to facilitate modeling a slim figure with harmonious shapes.

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Treatment with the use of gentle and calm techniques in the face area. It soothes, oxygenates, improves colour, softens, tones and smoothes the skin.

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Thanks to special touch techniques, a curative and prophylactic effect is obtained. The course of therapeutic massage is adjusted to the existing disease and ailments.

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Due to frequent problems resulting from posture defects, low physical activity and long-term stress related to school struggles, massages for young people are a great idea, especially if you can spend time with parents in this way.

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