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Baltica Wellness & Spa is a center of health and beauty, located right in the heart of Szczecin. Its unique atmosphere combined with its highly-trained staff mean you get services of the highest quality. Whether it’s a simple beauty treatment or a romantic spa weekend for two, there’s no better place to relax and unwind.

Baltica Wellness & Spa has a well-earned reputation as one of Szczecin’s top beauty centres, offering an unrivalled variety of facial and body treatments including mesotherapy, microdermabrasion and endermologie carried out in treatment rooms equipped with the latest IPL laser used in hair removal or skin rejuvenation procedures.

The heart of Spa is the Wellness Zone. A hot sauna, snow chamber with real snow, steam rooms (traditional, aromatherapy and Ottoman), Roman relaxation rooms (tepidarium and caldarium), not to mention huge jacuzzi with hydromassage and original sensation showers, the Wellness Zone is the ideal place to get away from it all with friends.

If you’re looking to get away from it all and unwind for a while, our exclusive getaway Hotel & Spa package is just the thing! Exclusive residential packages combining accommodation at the 4-star Radisson Blu hotel in Szczecin city centre with the professional services of Baltica Wellness & Spa.

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Wellness Zone

The heart of our City Spa. Nine beautiful attractions in one place are waiting for You!



The wide range of massages at the Spa allows even the most demanding customers to choose something for themselves.


Spa Packages

pa packages are a combination of the most popular complementary treatments designed to maximise relaxation and your feeling of wellbeing.



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Awards winning Spa

Baltica Wellness & Spa wins health and wellness industry awards. Since the foundation in 2008, we have won the prestige Spa Awards, wSPAniale Spa, Imperium Urody, Perfect Spa Awards, the Most Beautiful Spa and many others!

Perfect Spa Awards

  • 2024 – III place – the best Day Spa
  • 2019 – I place – the best Day Spa

Imperium Urody

  • 2015 – I place – the best Wellness & Spa
  • 2014 – I place – the best Wellness & Spa

Prestige Spa Awards

  • 2016 – the best Day Spa & Beauty Salon
  • 2014 – the best Day Spa
  • 2013 – the best Day Spa
  • 2012 – III place – Day Spa
  • 2011 – the best Day Spa
  • 2010 – II the best Day Spa
  • 2009 – the best Day Spa
  • 2008 – the best Day Spa

wSPAniałe Spa

  • 2014 – the best Wellness & Spa
  • 2013 – the best Wellness & Spa
  • 2010 – the best Wellness & Spa and City Spa
  • 2009 – the best Wellness & Spa
  • 2008 – the best Wellness & Spa

Wellness Zone!

— nine beautiful Spa rooms