The heart of our City Spa. Its flowing design and cosy interiors really help you unwind and get away from the stresses of everyday life. Depending on how much time you spend here, you can either give your batteries a quick recharge or go for complete chillout. Nine beautiful attractions in one place are waiting for you!

 Opening hours:

Monday – Thursday: 15.00 – 20.45
Friday – Sunday: 11.00 – 20.45

From July 1, we are introducing holiday opening hours:

Monday – Thursday: 13.00 – 20.45
Friday – Sunday: 11.00 – 20.45

Wellness Zone!

— nine fabulous Spa attractions!

Snow cave

There’s nothing more refreshing after a hot sauna than a quick trip to the Snow Chamber with its invigorating temperature of -15° C. Feel as though you’ve stepped straight outside into an Arctic landscape among the frozen rocks, icicles and snow. More >>>

max 10 min

Closed on Mondays


The main attraction at Baltica Wellness & Spa is its huge jacuzzi, which combine a relaxing bath with a hydromassage. It is the largest room in the whole Wellness Zone! More >>>

max 15 min



It’s been proved that regular sessions in the sauna help improve and maintain physical conditioning. The high temperatures over a short space of time help liquidate tension in the body, and sweating is an effective detox. More >>>

max 12 min

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flip flops

Check the sauna rules

Osman steam bath

A Osman steam bath will not only moisturize, it will also relax tense muscles and soothe away all your daily troubles. More >>>

max 30 min

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Aromatherapy bath

An aromatherapy bath works on the body through its essential oils combined with a tropical steam element to improve your mood, release tension and increase concentration. More >>>

max 30 min

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Steam bath

The steam bath is the best way to relax, and forms an essential part of any leisure routine. Let the 100% humidity in the steam bath allow you to unwind 100%, while your skin regains a healthy glow. More >>>

max 30 min

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Baltica Wellness Spa - tepidariumArea for relaxation equipped with stone heated loungers to help your immunological system unwind and loosen up. The pleasant warmth combined with the low humidity and scents will help you feel relaxed and reinvigorated. More >>>


The Caldarium was originally the hot area of the Roman baths, maintained at a temperature of 43ºC – 45ºC. While this may seem hot, the Caldarium will gently care for and regenerate the skin with its cleansing action. More >>>

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Sensation Showers

A collection of different showers, all inlaid with glass mosaic tiles. Each shower has its own individualized programme. More >>>

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Choose your ticket:


Wellness Zone

Prices from: 60.00 48.00 

Multipasses and tickets:

  • Wellness Zone Open – one entry, no time limit (a whole day’s access), valid 1 month from the date of purchase
  • Multipass Wellness Zone Open – ones a day, no time limit (a whole day’s access), valid 1 month from the date of purchase (without the possibility of suspending or extending the expiry date).


When buying on-line, the order will be ready for collection 24 hours after payment.
Orders placed on weekends (from Friday 16:00 to Sunday 24:00) will be ready for collection on Monday from 12:00.
In the case of choosing payment by traditional bank transfer, the collection time is extended by the time it takes to process the payment.

Najniższa cena w ciągu ostatnich 30 dni: 0.00 

Promotion valid from 1.06. to 31.08.2024
Realization: 3 months of date of purchase

Age limits:

Children may use the Wellness Zone every day (there is no minimum age limit) but only when accompanied by a parent/legal guardian.
Parents with a child may use the facilities at the Wellness Zone subject to the following conditions:

  • the parent/legal guardian must sign a declaration (as with treatments) at the Spa reception prior to entering the Wellness Zone
  • while in the Wellness Zone, the child will be accompanied at all times by a parent/legal guardian

Additional information:

  • No reservation requierd!
  • While staying in the Wellness Zone one should wear a swimsuit and clean pool shoes
  • Towels available at a charge of 22 zł
  • Bathrobes available at a charge of 33 zł
  • Extend your stay at the Wellness Zone by more than 15 minutes beyond the allotted time will be subject to an additional charge of 1,50 zł for each 1 minute thereafter
  • Contraindications

    • chronic rheumatic diseases
    • osteoarthritis
    • hypertension
    • post-traumatic musculoskeletal conditions
    • acute acne
    • chronic inflammation of the reproductive organs
    • congestive heart failure
    • hypotension
    • tendency to bleed
    • acute-phase medical conditions
    • pregnancy
    • using after a heavy meal

    It is forbidden to use by persons with:

    • infectious diseases
    • skin diseases
    • open wounds