The dry sauna means harmony of shape, light and sound. By using the latest technology, you can choose from hot, dry air or a gentle bath with herbal scents, accompanied by the perfect lighting, whether it be calming blue or refreshing green.

In our sauna can stay up to 20 people at once!

It’s been proved that regular sessions in the sauna help improve and maintain physical conditioning. The high temperatures over a short space of time help liquidate tension in the body, and sweating is an effective detox. Remember to cool yourself down afterwards with a cold shower or a quick visit to the snow chamber.


Rules for proper sauna use

  1. Before entering the sauna, you must remove your swimming pool shoes
  2. You must sit on a towel in the sauna (no part of the body should directly touch the boards)
  3. The duration of stay in the sauna depends individually on your well-being and experience of using the sauna
    (suggested session time approx. 8-12 minutes)
  4. After leaving the sauna, you should cool your body, starting from the feet – towards the heart
  5. After cooling your body, you should rest in the relaxation room
    (the suggested rest time should be at least twice as long as the heating time in the sauna)
  6. The cycle can be repeated up to three times
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