Hammam ritual – oriental relaxing ritual


Based on Eastern philosophy, the Hamman Ceremonial consists of four stages:

  • warming up the body in the Wellness Zone
  • intense exfoliation of the epidermis with natural Moroccan soap
  • cleansing the skin with a delicate foam massage
  • nourishing the skin with aromatic oils

Wellness Zone

In the Wellness Zone, you’ll find  the following: baths, sauna, huge jacuzzi, snow cave, sensations shower, tepidarium, caldarium.

Intense exfoliation of the epidermis with natural Moroccan soap

Body scrub using Moroccan natural soap, based on black olive oil with eucalyptus oil. Soap has great cosmetic properties – it works like an enzyme peeling, perfectly removes rough skin cells, has antioxidant and refreshing properties. It contains a lot of vitamin E. The treatment smoothes and improves the skin tone.

Whole body foam massage

A massage performed on a heated stone table in the wet massage room. A foam massage cleanses and exfoliates the skin, leaving your body refreshed and ready for conditioning treatments.

Aromatic oils on your skin

The final part of the Hammam ritual, which nourishes your body after the foam massage. The Hamman ceremonial has been designed especially so that your body can wind down, take a breather, get nourished and then show itself in all its beauty.

Have some time all to yourself. Really feel you’re worth it!

150 minutes

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In order to plan the treatment, PLEASE CONTACT US by phone or e-mail.


+48 91 359 44 00

  • Further information

    • Total treatment time includes: preparation and the treatment itself and short downtime period following the treatment.
    • All treatments / exercise sessions require reservation.
    • If you are unable to come to your session, please call us to cancel.
    • In order to ensure the highest level of comfort and service, we kindly ask that you arrive at Baltica Wellness & Spa 5-10 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. This is the time the treatment is due to start. Early arrival ensures that all the formalities necessary (such as completing forms on the first visit) can be completed and you can prepare yourself calmly for your session. That way, you’ll get the most from your treatment or visit.
    • We also request that you set your mobile phone to silent for the duration of your treatment, in order to ensure that you benefit most from the relaxing and soothing environment at the Spa.
      Thank you for your cooperation.

  • Indications

    • fatigue
    • stress
    • skin requiring cleansing
    • skin lacking energy
    • skin requiring nourishment and regeneration

  • Contraindications

    • pregnancy or menstruation
    • skin complaints
    • tumours
    • haemophilia
    • varicous veins
    • vascular problems
    • high blood pressure
    • arteriosclerosis
    • any inflammatory condition
    • high temperature or fever
    • infectious diseases
    • haematomas, aneurysms, angiomas
    • psychological conditions
    • epilepsy

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