Endermologia Alliance

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The latest LPG Alliance equipment for endermologie procedures takes cellulite removal to a whole new dimension! The massage treatment is much deeper and more effective, getting rid of cellulite, toning your skin and shaping your body in just one session!

How does it work?

During the treatment, the tissue is intensively stimulated, the while maintaining maximum comfort. The new Alliance is patented with the unique Alliance Skin Identity (ASI), which allows the procedure to be performed while simultaneously adapting precisely to the quality of the tissue, its fragility, fibrousness, stiffness, etc. This guarantees a high standard of treatment safety, and the ability to adapt to various therapeutic issues.

The procedure is non-invasive and even relaxing. During the procedure you feel no pain or discomfort but, instead, experience a pleasant and relaxing massage.

Nevertheless, the procedure is highly effective – you can achieve smooth skin and a shapely body after a series of just three treatments!

Numerous clincal trials have confirmed the effectiveness of Endermologie Alliance and it’s now used in over 100 countries worldwide. It’s an all-round treatment, so can also be used for swelling, liquid retention, scars and muscle pain.

Endermology Alliance works in three dimensions:

  • It reduces fat tissue
  • It smoothes out cellulite
  • It firms the skin

Endermology Alliance is real workout for your skin. It naturally stimulates the reconstruction and production of the following rejuvenating skin ingredients:

  • Collagen for firm skin
  • Elastins for suppleness
  • Hyaluronic acid for natural filling and hydration

For single treatments, it’s necessary to purchase an endermologie suit!

45 minutes


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  • Further information

    • You must have a consultation before taking this treatment. 
    • Total treatment time includes: preparation and the treatment itself and short downtime period following the treatment.
    • All treatments / exercise sessions require reservation.
    • If you are unable to come to your session, please call us to cancel.
    • In order to ensure the highest level of comfort and service, we kindly ask that you arrive at Baltica Wellness & Spa 5-10 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. This is the time the treatment is due to start. Early arrival ensures that all the formalities necessary (such as completing forms on the first visit) can be completed and you can prepare yourself calmly for your session. That way, you’ll get the most from your treatment or visit.
    • We also request that you set your mobile phone to silent for the duration of your treatment, in order to ensure that you benefit most from the relaxing and soothing environment at the Spa.
      Thank you for your cooperation.

  • Contraindications

    • progressive neoplastic disease (except for written medical indications)
    • lanticoagulant therapy
    • blood disease
    • pregnancy
    • phlebitis
    • infections
    • albinism
    • herpes
    • rosacea
    • places subjected to plastic surgery (for 6 months)
    • skin lesions and wounds
    • keloids, hypertrophic scar, or fresh scar
    • inguinal or abdominal hernia
    • lipoma, raised moles, hemangioma
    • injections with filler (for 3 weeks at the injection site)
    • punctures, subcutaneous implants
    • lifting with the use of gold and serrated threads


When buying on-line, the order will be ready for collection 24 hours after payment.
Orders placed on weekends (from Friday 16:00 to Sunday 24:00) will be ready for collection on Monday from 12:00.

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Multipasses are valid for 3 months from the date of purchase.
Promotion valid till 31.05.2024

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