• General

    1. What time is the Spa open until?
      The Spa is open every day until 9 pm. Guests should leave by closing time.
    2. Can I visit the Spa without having to buy a ticket?
      We don’t do tours of the Spa. If you want to see what it looks like you can visit the open areas provided you don’t disturb the staff and interrupt treatments being carried out. Each entry to the Wellness Zone requires admission to be purchased at the Spa reception.
    3. Do I need to do anything in particular to get ready before a visit?
      It all depends on what type of treatment you’re having. If it’s from our aesthetic cosmetic range, when you come for your first consultation the cosmetologist will discuss with you what you need to do to get ready for your treatments. If you’re having a massage, exfoliating scrub or basic beauty treatment, you don’t need to do anything prior to your treatment.
    4. Can I combine Spa treatments with other treatments?
      Some, yes, an example being day-Spa packages, where the treatments all form part of special care programmes and you can have them all in one day. Some treatments are not designed to be combined, however. If this is the case, you’ll be informed of this when you make your reservation and the receptionist will suggest the most suitable combination of treatments for you.
    5. Where is the entrance from the Radisson Blu hotel?
      A direct link from the Radisson Blu to Baltica Wellness & Spa is on the second floor at the Spa, by the reception.
    6. Do you provide spa footwear?
      Single-wear slippers are provided in the treatment rooms if you’re having a procedure. Pool shoes can be purchased in the Spa Shop.
    7. How many minutes before my treatment starts should I be there?
      Please come 5-10 minutes before your treatment is due to start, so that we can sort out all the formalities.
    8. Can children have Spa treatments?
      We have a special teens range for young people aged 13 and above (written permission from parents / guardian required, to be signed before the treatment at Baltica Wellness & Spa reception).
    9. Do I need to bring extra cosmetics to my treatment?
      No, you won’t need any extra beauty products.
    10. Can I use my phone or other electronic equipment during my treatment?
      To ensure your optimum comfort, all electronic equipment should be switched off during treatments.
  • Wellness Zone

    1. What are the Wellness Zone opening times?
      The Wellness Zone is open from Monday – Thursday from 3 pm to 9 pm and from Friday – Sunday from 11 am to 9 pm.
    2. Do I need to book in advance if I want to visit the Wellness Zone?
      No you don’t, no prior reservation is necessary.
    3. What do I need to bring with me to the Wellness Zone?
      You should bring a swimming costume, clean pool shoes and a towel.
    4. Are towels provided free?
      Guests are requested to bring their own towels but you can borrow one.
    5. When does entry time to the Wellness Zone start?
      Your time spent in the Wellness Zone counts from the moment you enter the changing room.
    6. How much does it cost if I exceed the time limit?
      An extra (free) 15 minutes is added to each hour and two-hour visit. Every extra minute beyond is paid extra.
    7. Do I need to book if I want to use the extra treatment rooms in the Zone (Rassoul, Hammam)?
      The Rassoul ritual and Hammam ceremonial are extra services in the Wellness Zone requiring prior reservation and separate payment.
    8. Is there a swimming pool?
      No, not in the Wellness Zone.
    9. What is the water temperature in the jacuzzis?
      The water is heated to between 35ºC and 40ºC.
    10. Do I need to wear a swimming costume in the sauna?
      Swimwear is a requirement throughout the Wellness Zone. Unfortunately the sauna cannot be sectioned off from the rest of the Zone and since we cater for a wide range of different cultures we kindly ask all our guests to remain in swimwear whether they are using the jacuzzis, the loungers or relaxing elsewhere in the Wellness Zone.
    11. Can children come to the Wellness Zone, and if so, from what age?
      Children are welcome at the Wellness Zone every day (no age limit), but only if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Parents with children may use the Wellness Zone subject to the following conditions:
      – the parent/guardian must sign a consent form at the Spa reception before entering the Wellness Zone
      – the child must be accompanied by the parent at all times while in the Wellness Zone.
      Standard admission prices apply to both children and adults.
    12. What is the maximum number of guests permissible in the Wellness Zone?
      The Wellness Zone covers 400m2 of leisure space. This allows up to 80 people to use it at any one time.
    13. Do I need to wear a bathrobe if I’m relaxing in the Wellness Zone?
      You don’t need to wear a bathrobe in the Wellness Zone. The temperature and humidity are kept at a high level which mean a bathrobe isn’t necessary.
    14. Can I bring drinks into the Wellness Zone?
      According to the terms and conditions, the consumption of food and drink is prohibited. If you’re in need of a drink, mineral water is always available in the Wellness Zone.
  • Massages

    1. Do I need to bring a towel and/or a swimsuit for a massage?
      You don’t need to bring either. We provide single-use underwear and a towel for covering your body.
    2. Can I take a shower in the treatment room before my massage?
      Generally this is not an option, since it will eat into the time allocated for your massage.
    3. What’s a partial massage?
      This is a shortened version of a whole-body massage which covers only one chosen area: usually the legs or back. You choose the area you’d like massaged just before the treatment starts.
    4. Are there any medical conditions that indicate against the advisability of a particular treatment/massage?
      If a treatment has clear contraindications, these can be found on the given treatment’s webpage.
    5. Will I be naked during a Spa treatment?
      All treatment rooms at the Spa have single-use underwear and towels for guests to use.  Before starting your treatment you’ll be asked to change into the underwear and cover yourself with the towel.
  • Gift Cards / Spa Gifts / Spa Packages / Multi-Sport Cards

    1. Can a Gift Card be used by more than one person?
      A Gift Card can be used by several people. If the value on the card is exceeded, you just have to pay the extra to make up the cost.
    2. Are Gift Cards/Packages/Spa Gifts registered to one person?
      Generally not, unless the person making the purchase wishes the name of the recipient to be written on the document.
    3. Can I buy Gift Cards/Day-Spa Packages/Spa Gifts online?
      Yes; all you have to do is send us an email to: info@spabalica.pl. We’ll send you a reply giving you further details of how to order.
    4. If I’m interested in buying a Gift Card/Multipass/Package/Spa Gift and I’d like to pay at reception, do I need to order beforehand?
      No; every Gift Card/Multipass/Package/Spa Gift is available on demand at reception. The reception is open from 11 am to 9 pm daily.
    5. Do I have to use up a Gift Card/Spa Gift/Package in one visit or can I divide it up over several days?
      You don’t have to have all your treatments in one visit; you can spread them out as you want.
    6. Can I give an Open multipass to someone else?
      Unfortunately it isn’t possible to transfer an Open multipass to a third person. Open multipasses are registered to one person only and valid only for that person.
    7. Can a Gift Card be used for the entire range of Baltica Wellness & Spa products and services?
      Yes. The only things you can’t used a Gift Card for are for paying at the Miabelle shop, Café Baltica and the L’Or hair salon.
    8. Do I have to use a Spa Gift/Day-Spa Package all at once?
      No; you can divide them up over several days and visits.
    9. Can I make an additional payment onto a Gift Card?
      Yes, if the cost of your chosen treatment exceeds the value of your Gift Card you can pay the remainder in cash, by debit/credit card or Sodexo voucher.
    10. Can I used Spa Gifts purchased during a special offer after the offer ends?
      Every Spa Gift has an expiry date printed on the document. Unfortunately, once the date has passed the Spa Gift is no longer valid.
    11. What does a Multisport card entitle me to use?
      For a full list of cards honoured, visit our website homepage (Polish version) and click on the “Karty honorowane w Spa” tab.
  • Reservation

    1. How far in advance do I need to book at the Spa?
      You should book a minimum of 3 weeks ahead of your planned visit.
    2. How do I book laser treatment?
      Before starting IPL treatments you need a consultation with a cosmetologist. The first thing to do is make an appointment for this session, where a full diagnosis and skin evaluation will be made, and a short test laser treatment will be carried out on a small area.
    3. Can I book a massage to be done by a particular masseur/masseuse?
      Of course, if you book early enough (a minimum of 3 weeks before the planned treatment) you can choose a specific person to carry it out. Just be sure to make this clear when you make your appointment.
    4. How can I book a treatment at Baltica Wellness & Spa?
      You can either call us on +48 607 751 329 (spa treatments), or +48 91 359 44 01 (rehabilitation treatments), or contact us by email: reservation@spabaltica.pl, or use our online form available at: www.spabaltica.pl
    5. How (and by when) can I cancel a booking?
      Please cancel bookings by phone or email, no later than one day before the planned treatment.
  • Payments

    1. How can I pay for treatments?
      You can pay at the Spa reception either in cash or by credit card. Bank transfers are also possible; if you would like to pay this way, please visit the website and go to “Contact” for our bank details.
    2. Do you accept currencies other than Polish Zlotys?
      Baltica Wellness & Spa accepts payment only in Polish Zlotys (PLN). Prices displayed in other currencies (EURO, USD, GBP) are guide prices only. You can pay in a foreign currency if you choose to pay with a foreign credit card and choose the DCC (direct currency conversion) option.
    3. Can I pay by card?
      Yes; you can pay by card for all products and services at the Spa. We accept Polcard, Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, MasterCard Electronic, Maestro, JCB Cards and BIS.