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Idyllic beach massage
This exotic massage will take you to a land of blissful happiness.
Chinese cupping massage
Chinese cups are a special kind of vacuum cup made of rubber, which allows them to be placed on just about any area of the body.
Cocoa butter massage
Cocoa butter has the same consistency as hard, brittle butter, but has a lovely chocolaty scent.
Honey massage 
Honey massage is the original method in manual therapy.
Classic massage
The classic massage is more popular than other massages.
Nourishing massage
Quick treatment for dry skin.
Face, neck and head massage
Clients call this massage “positive energy”.
Foot or hand massage
A relaxing hand and foot massage helps you unwind and relieves stress.
Therapeutic massage
The aim of the massage is to treat particular body disorders by acting and manipulating the patient's body.
La Stone massage
Hot stone massage is a special massage that i applied by means of smooth, heated stones up to 50°C.
Slimming anti-cellulite massage
An intensive massage of the thighs, hips and buttocks, aimed at those fighting problem ‘orange peel skin’.
Relaxing massage
The relaxing massage stimulates the muscles, skin, circulatory system, as well as having excellent impact on the nervous system.
Mums to be massage
A massage when you’re pregnant not only brings health benefits and improves your feeling of wellbeing.
Firming massage
Quick treatment for mature skin.
Massage for Kids
Kids can also enjoy the world of wellness if you are accompanied by an adult.
Cleansing massage
Quick treatment for oily skin.
Blue Lagoon massage
A whole-body relaxing massage with Blue Lagoon transparent blue body wax.
Combo massage (back and legs)
A combination of classic massage of the back and legs massage.