Snow Chamber

Snow Chamber in Baltica Wellness & Spa

The Snow Chamber is a fascinating experience for those who love to cool right down after a sauna. Improve your circulation and your breathing with this year-round winter wonderland!

There’s nothing more refreshing after a hot sauna than a quick trip to the Snow Chamber with its invigorating temperature of -15° C. Feel as though you’ve stepped straight outside into an Arctic landscape among the frozen rocks, icicles and snow. There’s no more natural way to cool off!.

Go in after a session in the sauna or baths to experience a whole range of health benefits including:

  • improved blood circulation
  • reduction in muscle tension
  • increased immunity
  • improved metabolism
  • fast pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties

At mondays Snow Chamber is closed.

Staying in the Wellness Zone does not require a reservation!

Check price list: /en/your-relaxation-zone/wellness-zone/pricelist

A virtual tour of the Wellness Zone:


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    Further information

    While staying in the Wellness Zone one should wear a swimsuit and clean pool shoes.
    Towel rent - 8 zł

    Children may use the Wellness Zone every day (there is no minimum age limit) but ONLY when accompanied by a parent/legal guardian.

    Parents with a child may use the facilities at the Wellness Zone subject to the following conditions:

    • the parent/legal guardian must sign a declaration (as with treatments) at the Spa reception prior to
      entering the Wellness Zone
    • while in the Wellness Zone, the child will be accompanied at all times by a parent/legal guardian
    • metabolic disorders (obesity)
    • chronic arthritis and periarthritis
    • neuralgia
    • congestive heart failure
    • hypertension
    • hypotension
    • tendency to bleed
    • acute-phase medical conditions
    • pregnancy
    • using after a heavy meal

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