Your Beauty Zone

The cosmetic surgeries Baltica Wellness & Spa will find a comprehensive set of procedures for the face and body. Among them they are waiting, among others, effective sessions firming and anti-wrinkle and detox programs and illuminating. They are accompanied by services pedicure and manicure treatments and cosmetic aesthetic based on modern technologies Laser IPL, microdermabrasion, endermology and needle-free mesotherapy. We also offer a wide range of beauty programs for men and youth.

The best beauticians in Szczecin
The best beauticians in Szczecin

All our beauticians are highly qualified and experienced to guarantee excellent results and friendly service.

A wide range of treatments
A wide range of treatments

Whether you’re looking for a basic, complementary or specialist beauty treatment, we have something for you.

Modern beauty equipment
Modern beauty equipment

We work with top-class equipment and cosmetics from quality companies such as the French Académie Scientifique de Beauté, which has been on the market for 85 years.

Facial treatments
Facial treatments in Spa
Facial treatments

Set your natural beauty free

Manicure and pedicure w Spa
Manicure and pedicure

Beautiful hands and feet

Cosmetic facial massages
Cosmetic facial massages

The aesthetic side of relaxation

Body treatments
Body treatments
Body treatments

A velvety-soft body

Treatments for men
Treatments for men

Heightened masculinity

Spa for teens
Spa for teens

Immaculately smooth skin


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Moisturizing Mask
A short moisturizing treatment.
Ella Sugaring hair-removal treatment
Removes dead skin cells, leaving it soft and smooth.
Laser skin discoloration removal
The Laser removes the brown spots you had for years such as freckles or discolorations.
Brightening Mask
A short treatment for sensitive skin with redness.
Firming massage
Quick treatment for mature skin.
Reviderm Super Peel - microdermabrasion
A combination of microdermabrasion with special active ingredients which work at cell level in your skin.
Photo rejuvenating skin treatment
Photo rejuvenating skin treatment is a unique procedure that rejuvenates the skin.
Waxing for men
Smooth skin every day.
Acai berry body scrub
This treatment is suitable for all skin types, especially those in need of some intensive moisturising.
Express treatments
Come and enjoy a selected spa treatment.
Flowering Linden - anti-redness treatment Académie
Treatment intended for sensitive skins as well as skins with vascular conditions.
No-Needle Mesotherapy wrinkle and lifting treatment
The wrinkles become superficial or even eliminated.
Red wine treatment - rejuvenating and firming treatment
Suitable for all ages, this treatment works wonders on the stressed and tired.
Hammam ritual
Based on Eastern philosophy, the Hamman Ceremonial consists of four stages.
Nourishing massage
Quick treatment for dry skin.
Ultrasound with ampoule
Ultrasound waves are a pain-free, non-invasive way to get the skin’s molecules vibrating gently, creating warmth.
Beautiful nails make beautiful hands.
Collagen Mask Académie
The treatment works as a “youth injection” on the skin. It rebuilds the skin and reduces fine lines.
Treatment with Vitamin C - firming treatment Académie
The treatment is recommended for tired and dull, blotchy skin or premature atrophy skin.
Effective method for cellulite reduction.
Manual cleansing
Following the treatment, your skin will be shine-free and the pores will be much less visible.
Eyebrow regulation
Beautiful eyebrows are younger face.
Manual cleansing
Manual cleansing is the most popular beauty treatment.
Modelling Mask - anti-aging treatment Académie
Moisturising treatment which nourishes and stimulates the skin thanks to the osmosis effect.
The most popular method of hair removal among women.
Laser vascular lesion reduction
Non-invasive laser treatments for vascular lesion and advanced stage of varicose veins removals.
Apricot Face Mask
A short skin refreshing treatment.
Manual cleansing back treatment
Following the treatment, your skin will be shine-free and the pores will be much less visible.
Honey Temptation - moisturising treatment with hyaluronic acid Académie
A real moisturising bath for dehydrated skins of any type.
Paraffin hand treatment
A total hand care treatment, which thoroughly nourishes the skin to leave your hands feeling wonderfully soft and smooth.
Reviderm Super Peel - microdermabrasion with ampule
The active ingredients in the  Reviderm ampoules will be absorbed deep into the skin.
Slimming anti-cellulite massage
An intensive massage of the thighs, hips and buttocks, aimed at those fighting problem ‘orange peel skin’.
Pearl Glow – tummy, buttock and thigh modelling treatment
Just one treatment to feel great
Exotic scrub
A sugar and salt body exfoliating treatment using organically-certified natural products.
Laser IPL hair removal
IPL Laser removes permanent hair, painless, non-invasive, doesn’t cause damage to the skin.
Mandelic acid
An exfoliation with mandelic acid will lighten discolourations and leave your skin more supple and taut.
Wacapou stones ritual
The massage, performed with wooden ‘stones’ sculpts and shapes your figure.
Anti-wrinkle treatment for the eye area Académie
A specialist treatment for the eye area which will even out deep wrinkles and fine lines.
Energising and cleansing treatment for men
The treatment’s short but sweet, pleasant but very masculine.
Lashes and brow henna with regulation
Well-cared-for and shaded eyebrows can totally change your face.
Morrocan Ritual Rassoul
Combines the four elements: water, fire, earth and air and provides an incredible body and mind experience.
Brow or lashes henna
Henna used as permanent brow and eyelash makeup is highly popular, especially because it is natural, ecological and totally safe
No-Needle Mesotherapy fat reduction
No-Needle Mesotherapy system using the unique method to rejuvenate the skin and reduce wrinkles.
Purifying Mask
A short facial cleansing treatment especially for oily and combination skins.
No-Needle Mesotherapy - firming and anti-cellulite treatment
The treatment improves the condition of the delicate skin with sagging symptoms, lack of firmness and elasticity.
Tea Garden - anti-ageing treatment with coenzyme Q10 Académie
It prevents wrinkle formation, regenerating and stimulating the skin’s own repair processes.
Firming Mask
Quick firming treatment.
Wellnes Lift - microdermabrasion with colagen mask
Combination of microdermabrasion and manual massage that provides the skin with active oxygenating qualities.
Paraffin foot treatment
A treatment to soften and smoothe the skin on the feet.
Velvet Smoothness – a moisturising and cellulite-busting treatment
Anticellulite effective treatment
Coconut shell ritual
It effectively prevents slackness in the skin and improves its firmness.
Cleansing massage
Quick treatment for oily skin.
Cappuccino Scrub
An exclusive energising and slimming treatment.
Apricot Calm - anti-stress treatment Académie
The treatment creates a protective skin barrier, regenerates and accelerates the cell and collage rebuilding.
Massage for Kids
Kids can also enjoy the world of wellness if you are accompanied by an adult.
Relaxing Back Treatment - antistress treatment for men
It is recommended especially for stressed and tired.
Beautiful nails make beautiful feet.
Golden Firming - firming treatment Académie
Anti-wrinkle treatment intended for mature skin.
Gentle Touch – nourishing treatment Académie
The treatment leaves the skin soft and silky.
Floral Meadow – treatment for the first appearance of wrinkles Académie
Antioxidant anti-aging treatment.
Honey massage 
Honey massage is the original method in manual therapy.
Crystal Clear – treatment for problem skin Académie
After treatment, the skin becomes radiant, fresh and matte.