The Spa and its influence on athletes’ physical condition

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Pogoń Baltica Szczecin - Daria Zawistowska

After a heavy training session you need to wind down!

It’s very common to meet sportspeople at the spa – for them, the right treatment after a heavy training session is of the utmost importance. At the end of a long season following so many competitive matches, the body needs a rest. Since professional sportspeople have very little time for recovery, they have to help themselves with all kinds of supplements, including spa treatments.

Players from many of Szczecin’s teams visit Baltica Wellness & Spa, including Pogoń Szczecin S.A., Pogoń '04, Pogoń Baltica Szczecin, KS Świt, KS Chemik Police, MKS Olimpia Szczecin and athletes from the City Track and Field Club.

The treatments they have depend above all on what they want to achieve. Both the Wellness Zone and the cryochamber are perfect for resting and regenerating tired muscles after a hard match or training session. Then there are treatments such as algonix, Kotz currents and laser therapy which speed up healing and recovery time after injury.

For athletes, it’s imperative to have general cryotherapy sessions, which have a broad range of important clinical, hormonal and biochemical effects. Among the benefits are:

  • support for strength training and endurance
  • acceleration of recovery after exercise
  • enhanced healing following injury
  • wellness and prevention of overtraining
  • minimising bleeding, pain, swelling and muscle tension
  • an amazing effect on your mental state (lowering of anxiety levels and hyperactivity)
  • an anti-depressive effect and increase in mental activity

In turn, the beneficial properties of the sauna have been known for a long time. Due to changes in temperature, the body rapidly gets rid of toxins and becomes more efficient. The high temperature causes the blood vessels to expand and accelerates blood circulation so that the muscles are much better nourished, which in turn speeds up regeneration. This is highly important particularly after exercise, especially since a visit to the sauna reduces post-workout muscle pain.

The sauna has long been valued by professional athletes, and now there is scientific proof to back them up!

Researchers at the University of Otago in New Zealand found that the sauna can have a similar effect on an athlete’s body to that of the banned substance EPO, but obviously without the side effects. In their experiment they tested six runners who spent 30 minutes in the sauna after every training session. It turned out that over a three-week period they improved their 5 km run times by 1.9 %. The researchers proved that each visit to the sauna causes the blood to thin because the body starts to produce greater amounts of plasma in response to the high temperature. Since the blood volume increases, the body tends to produce more red blood cells, which are responsible for delivering oxygen to the muscles [source: Endurance Athletes – Improve Your Time with a Sauna,].

It’s very common for athletes to visit the spa for some physical therapy following injury. Rehabilitation medicine is treatment involving the effects of a range of natural and artificial physical factors on the body, including heat, vibration, electric fields, electric current, light, microwaves and different types of radiation. The treatments most often bring pain relief or reduce inflammation and cramping. Some treatments also accelerate cell renewal or the healing of scars following injury. 

One of the most well-known sportspeople to use the spa on a regular basis is Christiano Ronaldo. The footballer has never made a secret of the fact that he takes pride not only in his physical shape but also his appearance. That’s why when he visits the spa, he also pays a visit to the beautician.