New regulations regarding the functioning of the Center in the sanitary regime

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Due to the introduction of the ordinance of the Minister of Health of On March 20, 2020, in the territory of the Republic of Poland, the state of epidemics in connection with SARS-CoV-2 virus infection and GIS guidelines for rehabilitation and beauty salons, as of June 1, the following security measures are introduced at Baltica Wellness & Spa:

  1. Placement of transparent protective covers at reception.
  2. Employees' use of face masks / helmets and gloves. Obligation to measure temperature and complete health surveys before starting work.
  3. Customers are required to complete a health survey at the Spa reception. It is also allowed to measure the temperature (maximum temperature 37.5 degrees Celsius). Refusal to perform one of these activities will be tantamount to refusal to perform the procedure.
  4. The clients' obligation to cover the nose and mouth and to keep a safe distance from the interlocutor (2 meters recommended).
  5. Placing hand sanitizer at the entrance and at each reception. It is recommended that everyone who stays on the site disinfect their hands as often as possible.
  6. Placement in the center of the instructions for washing and disinfecting hands, putting on and taking off masks and gloves.
  7. Ongoing disinfection of public toilets, lifts, reception desks (after each client), door handles, handrails, handles, telephones, computer keyboards, devices in social rooms and other frequently touched surfaces.
  8. Placing in a visible place information about the maximum number of customers who can be at one time in the center and in individual rooms.
  9. Enabling the purchase of face masks for clients.
  10. Reservation for treatments only by email or phone.
  11. Introducing the restriction of admission to the clinics for two only one client (massage rooms, beauty salons).
  12. The day before the planned treatment, the Spa employee contacts by phone to confirm the reservation and carries out a preliminary health survey.
  13. Reporting for treatments for a strictly defined hour. No possibility to use the waiting room.
  14. Minimizing the time of customer service at the reception.
  15. Treatments should be arrived without accompanying persons. Minors report only with one legal guardian.
  16. Only necessary items can be brought into the treatment rooms. Do not take extra items (luggage, bags, etc.) with you. The cloakroom at the ground floor reception will not be available.
  17. Mobile phones are not allowed in the center.
  18. Regular internal training of all employees regarding special safety measures and precautions to prevent coronavirus infection as recommended by GIS.
  19. Reorganization of the employee change system in order to introduce restrictions on the number of people starting the change at one time.

The above precautionary measures have been introduced to provide all clients with the highest possible sense of security, adapting to current requirements and circumstances.

Recommendations have been introduced temporarily. We will keep you updated on the next ones that affect the functioning of the center.

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