Your Figure Zone

Visit the center of Baltica Wellness & Spa and discover 3 ways to slim figure without sacrifices. In our beauty parlors and massage you can get in shape by choosing non-invasive anti-cellulite treatments and massages modeling and slimming-firming. To capture the effects of changes, be sure to also check out our Fitness Zone. There you can improve your line, practicing on the equipment a modern fitness equipment.

Slimming is fun at the spa
Slimming is fun at the spa

We’re happy to help you lose weight. Slimming or anti-cellulite procedures at our spa are pure pleasure and relaxation.

Natural slimming treatments
Natural slimming treatments

We have a wide choice of slimming treatments on offer. We particularly recommend endermologię, a modern way to reduce body fat and cellulite.

Modern exercise equipment
Modern exercise equipment

In the Fitness Zone you’ll find top-quality equipment – crosstrainers, a treadmill, elliptical trainers and a rowing machine – which will get you looking good in the comfortable surroundings of the spa.

Body sculpting
Body sculpting

Firming, modelling and cellulite removal

Slimming massages in Spa
Slimming massages

A choice of massages to aid slimming

Fitness Zone in Spa
Fitness Zone

The latest equipment and exercise with a view of Szczecin


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Multipasses and tickets to the Fitness Zone
Special offer!
Honey massage 
Honey massage is the original method in manual therapy.
No-Needle Mesotherapy - firming and anti-cellulite treatment
The treatment improves the condition of the delicate skin with sagging symptoms, lack of firmness and elasticity.
No-Needle Mesotherapy fat reduction
No-Needle Mesotherapy system using the unique method to rejuvenate the skin and reduce wrinkles.
Pearl Glow – tummy, buttock and thigh modelling treatment
Just one treatment to feel great
Effective method for cellulite reduction.
Slimming anti-cellulite massage
An intensive massage of the thighs, hips and buttocks, aimed at those fighting problem ‘orange peel skin’.
Chinese cupping massage
Chinese cups are a special kind of vacuum cup made of rubber, which allows them to be placed on just about any area of the body.
Coconut shell ritual
It effectively prevents slackness in the skin and improves its firmness.
Velvet Smoothness – a moisturising and cellulite-busting treatment
Anticellulite effective treatment