Pedicure in Baltica Wellness & Spa

Beautiful nails make beautiful feet!

Just get some professional help from a Spa beautician! We do:

  • Pedicure standard
    During pedicure we remove damaged cuticle, tidy up the nails and condition them. With a pedicure you get an extra lavender foot bath and then we remove rough skin with a special foot file, give your feet an extra exfoliating scrub and finish off with some soothing foot cream.
  • Pedicure hybid
    A long-lasting pedicure that does not damage nails, this is an alternative to nail extensions and typically lasts around two weeks. It is a mix of ordinary nail varnish and a flexible gel that dries hard, does not fade and will not flake off!
  • Pedicure Spa
    A pampering feet treatment can be even more blissful when you have treatments combined with an extra exfoliation and at the end of the procedure you get a skin-care mask and a feet massage!

Nail painting!

Choose from:

  • Standard painting
    Removal of old varnish and replacement with new (single color).
  • French
    During this decorative procedure, along with the standard nail varnish removal and application of a matt primer, we can also paint your nails in assorted colours. 
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Further information

Total treatment time includes: preparation and the treatment itself and short downtime period following the treatment.

All treatments / exercise sessions require reservation.
If you are unable to come to your session, please call us to cancel.

In order to ensure the highest level of comfort and service, we kindly ask that you arrive at Baltica Wellness & Spa 5-10 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. This is the time the treatment is due to start. Early arrival ensures that all the formalities necessary (such as completing forms on the first visit) can be completed and you can prepare yourself calmly for your session. That way, you’ll get the most from your treatment or visit.

We also request that you set your mobile phone to silent for the duration of your treatment, in order to ensure that you benefit most from the relaxing and soothing environment at the Spa.
Thank you for your cooperation.

standard painting15.00zł(20min)
pedicure standard90.00zł(70min)
pedicure Spa110.00zł(90min)
pedicure hybrid90.00zł(75min)
manicure and pediure standard120.00zł(100min)
manicure and pedicure with nail art155.00zł(130min)
manicure and pedicure hybrid195.00zł(195min)
  • standard painting

  • french

  • pedicure standard

  • pedicure Spa

  • pedicure hybrid

  • manicure and pediure standard

  • manicure and pedicure with nail art

  • manicure and pedicure hybrid


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